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Nothing That TG Venkatesh Can Do Now

Nothing That TG Venkatesh Can Do Now

TG Venkatesh was stunned by Lokesh’s announcement that Butta Renuka and Mohan Reddy will be fielded again for the Lok Sabha and Assembly constituencies from Kurnool.

TG Venkatesh questioned the authority of Lokesh to make the announcement and said that such a decision will have to come from the Chief Minister himself.

But Lokesh would not have announced the decision without Naidu’s approval, who cleverly positioned himself in Singapore and gave Lokesh the opportunity to call the shots, in what is being seen as an indication of Lokesh gradually taking over from Naidu.

Also, if Naidu overrules Lokesh now, it would be seen as a public rebuke and do Lokesh’s image no good.

Besides, Bhuma Akhila Priya also made it clear that she wants her uncle Mohan Reddy to contest from the same constituency again and Mohan Reddy and Butta Renuka had defected from the YSRCP on the condition that they would be fielded from the same constituencies again.

TG Venkatesh says the words TG are a household name in Kurnool and he desperately wanted the ticket for his son TG Bharat.

Lokesh’s announcement has put paid to his plans and there is precious little that he can do now.

Butta Renuka can now happily participate in another MPs meeting and laugh at more jokes made on CM’s Ramesh’s deekshas and other such time-pass events.



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