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Not Commissions, It's 'share business' in KCR's Rule?

Not Commissions, It's 'share business' in KCR's Rule?

TRS president and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao claims to be running a 'zero corruption government'.

Strangely, TRS government is facing allegations of huge corruption in its second term. It's nearly a month since TRS came to power with a thumping majority in recent Assembly polls.

No cabinet has been formed yet. Only CM KCR and home minister Mohd Mahmood Ali took oath so far.

But still, KCR's government in second term is accused of indulging in corruption.

One of the severe corruption charges KCR government is facing in second term is those who approach TRS leaders for favours are being demanded 'share' in their business.

In the first term, TRS government faced allegations of collecting 6 per cent commission from contractors or others who got their works done from TRS leaders.

But in the second term, TRS leaders are not asking for commission but 50 per cent share in their business,whoever comes for whatever works.

Be it contracts, real estate approvals, building approvals, land conversion approvals etc, what TRS leaders are accused of demanding is that they want share in their business not commissions.

It remains to be seen how KCR controls his party leaders and check this menace.



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