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No Relief For TV9 and ABN in Telangana

Looks like Telangana Chief Minister KCR took it to heart about TV9 and ABN channels.

He is getting national attention after the TRS chief banned two of the popular Telugu news channels.

Now, they have once again stated that TV9 and ABN channels will not telecast in Telangana region even if the Central Ministers tell them to do so.

TRS leaders and MSO operators are strongly saying that Telangana people are not willing to watch these channels and moreover these two channels didn't paid them any carriage fees in the past.

Well, journalists and media people are not taking this well and they are discussing that TRS leaders and MSO operators are rubbing their ideology on Telangana people and taking revenge on TV channels which isn't a good thing.

Central Minister Javadekar sent message to KCR to revoke the ban of TV9 and ABN channels but the Telangana Chief Minister has bluntly ignored those messages.

Other party leaders from Telangana are worried and saying that KCR is taking everything very personal and his deeds will put Telangana in the bad books of Central government.

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