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Nizam Sunil Narang in Big Trouble

Nizam Sunil Narang in Big Trouble

When will Rajinikanth’s “2.0” release is the big question in both Tamil and Telugu industries of late? No one is sure about its release date.

Even as the confusion about its release date continues, the movie’s teaser was leaked online on Sunday.

The work-in-progress teaser was out and goes without saying, it created a huge uproar on the social media, only in a negative way.

The leaked teaser has killed all expectations around it, say those who have watched. The turn of events has become a cause of worry for Telugu producers Sunil Narang and Narayana Das Narang. They have invested huge amount in this film.

They bought the film for a whopping Rs 81 Cr and they had given 50 per cent as advance amount last year.

Now that the movie has been postponed indefinitely and the teaser leaks have raised the blood pressure of these two top distributors, say industry insiders.

They have taken huge risk as they believed that the combination of Rajinikanth and Shankar will break records at box-office.

They are still sure that the film will set box-office on fire, but they are nevertheless worried about the inordinate delay in release and leakages.

After pressure from them, the film's team released making of VFX featurette on Sunday evening to divert the attention from teaser leak.



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