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Nizam BO: Unstoppable A Aa Into Profits In 6 Days

A Aa is unstoppable at the box office. The film is doing exceptional business all over. It’s performance at Nizam box office mind boggling. A Aa has collected 8.58 crore in 6 days in this territory and is already into profits.

Dil Raju bought the rights of A Aa for 8.5 crore and he is looking at superb profits as the film is going from strength to strength with each passing day.

A Aa’s Tuesday share in Nizam is 90 lakh, which is astounding for a mid range film. As per trade estimates, A Aa has high chances to collect 15 crore share in Nizam alone.

A Aa hasn’t slipped during the week days which means it will have tremendous run until this weekend. With no big films around, A Aa could easily breach the 50 crore mark in its full run.



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