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Netizens Verdict On Mammootty's Yatra

Netizens Verdict On Mammootty's Yatra

Yatra has been receiving positive response from all corners. Even the netizens verdict for the film was positive in the poll conducted by us.

Nearly 60 percent of the poll participants voted it as a hit while 29 percent voted against it.

Yatra has been doing decent business in Telugu states although couldn't make much of an impression in the United States.

The film was released by producers on their own and they have made handsome profits on the film given the lucrative non-theatrical deals.

Poll: Yatra Movie Verdict

Yatra proved that there is potential for making a full-fledged biopic on late legendary leader YSR.

If someone has the idea to make it, there couldn't be a better option than superstar Mammootty who breathed life into the character in Yatra. 



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