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Netizen Held For Anti-Lokesh Posting On FB!

As expected, Telugu Desam Party general secretary and Andhra Pradesh IT minister Nara Lokesh, son of chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu, has started acting with vengeance against those who have been posting abusive comments against him in the social media.

The Tulluru police from Guntur district raided the Shamshabad house of a netizen Inturi Ravi Kiran, who works in the social media wing of the YSR Congress party, in the early hours of Friday and took him into custody.

Though the police have not yet confirmed the arrest, his wife Sujana said one of those who took her husband away identified himself as a police official from Tulluru and that they did not inform her where he was being taken. She is planning to lodge a Habeaus Corpus petition in the court.

In fact, Lokesh was hesitating to take action against the netizens ridiculing him in the social media, calling him pappu and morphing his pictures, because it would appear he is not tolerating criticism. So, he waited till Ravi Kiran posted yet another sarcastic posting on Facebook.

This particular posting shows Lokesh asking Naidu to send him to “Peddala Sabha” (upper house), apparently to show his ignorance, thinking that it is for adults only.

As if suggesting Lokesh’s ignorance, the posting shows the picture of a kissing scene beside the new Assembly building complex in Amaravati.

This has come in handy for Lokesh to take action against Ravi Kiran. He got a complaint made by AP legislature secretary Satyanarayana with Tullur police, since the posting shows Upper House in poor light. The police booked a case and arrested Ravi Kiran.



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