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NBK Condemns RGV's Claims of Directing NTR Biopic

NBK Condemns RGV's Claims of Directing NTR Biopic

Ram Gopal Varma has not only announced that he will be directing the biopic of late NTR but also recorded a song for the same.

While Balakrishna stayed tightlipped about the proceedings of NTR’s biopic, Ram Gopal Varma continued to claim that he is the director of the film.

Balakrishna however has brushed those claims off and made it clear that the director for the film is yet to be finalized.

“No one has been finalized as yet. Script work of the film is currently going on. I have been meeting various people that had worked with NTR and had an association with him. I have a clear idea about where to start and where to end the film on NTR. So people need not speculate about it,” he said.

This should be a shocker to Ram Gopal Varma who openly claimed that he has been finalized as the director. Wonder what would the maverick director say about Balakrishna’s official statement?

RGV usually doesn’t take such things lightly and troll people that turn him down using his impeccable writing skills.

It is interesting to see whether the ‘fearless’ RGV dares to take on ‘straightforward’ NBK or not? 



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