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'Nara Lokesh Drinks Only With Women'

'Nara Lokesh Drinks Only With Women'

Well, elections are fast approaching and one can already feel a atmosphere of attacks and counter-attacks building up.

Some time back, Pawan Kalyan blamed Nara Lokesh of high-levels of corruption and the issue has been on boil since then.

A couple of years back, there was a time when pictures of Lokesh with some of his 'NRI fans' were circulated in media and social media.

At the time, stories were written about his jolly eye and how he enjoyed the company of ladies, especially during his foreign trips.

Looks like the Andhra Pradesh IT minister has come under the radar once again.

Following scathing criticism by TDP MLC Babu Rajendra Prasad against Tollywood, wherein he said the film industry people were barely involved in rallying for SCS, despite CM Chandra Babu sleeping in buses for the cause, noted writer and actor Posani Krishna Murali hit back at the MLC with equally strong words.

In his comments, Babu Rajendra Prasad had said the industry people were blinded by enormous wealth they had amassed over the years which made them reticent and lax.

Countering him, Posani kicked open a Pandora's box hitting out directly at Nara Lokesh.

Showing off some pictures of Nara Lokesh having a good time drinking with women abroad, Posani said there were stories of Lokesh measuring the waistline of women with a tape during one such 'outing'.

Not stopping there, he added everyone knew of how a drunk Lokesh spent time with women in a swimming pool, which proved he was a bigger womanizer when compared to film celebrities.

Posani admonished the MLC saying he must look into his backyard before calling others names.

Well, surely it's entertainment time for the Telugu-speaking people who are gearing up for more election dhamaka, with both TDP and Jana Sena preparing for some serious mud-slinging in the coming months.



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