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Naidu Starts Singing SCS Tune In Low Tone!

Naidu Starts Singing SCS Tune In Low Tone!

Telugu Desam Party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu, who never made any attempt to secure special category status to Andhra Pradesh and instead, compromised on the special financial package, has now started singing the special category status tune, albeit in a low tone.

For the first time at the party coordination meeting on Tuesday, Naidu has brought up the issue of SCS.

“What we want is that the Centre should give hand holding to the state by all means till it recovers from the financial crisis.

It can be given in the form of special category status or the special package which would compensate for the SCS by giving all the benefits. Nomenclature is not important but special assistance to the state is very important,” the TDP chief said.

Interestingly, he also said if people think special category status only would benefit the state, he would go to any extent to get it from the Centre.

Apparently, Naidu has realised that special category status has become a sentimental issue for the people in the state and if almost all the other parties are talking about it.

And with YSR Congress party making it an election issue and threatening that his party MPs would resign if the status was not given, Naidu is now compelled to talk about special category status, which he was saying till the other day was not a “sanjeevani” (lifeline).

And Naidu knows that the Centre is not in a position to give the entire promised special financial package amount as there were discrepancies in the assistance.

Once a statement comes from the Centre to this effect, Naidu will take up the special category status issue so as to hijack the YSRC agenda.

This will also pre-empt the BJP making an announcement on SCS just before the elections, so that it can join hands with the YSRC in the next elections!



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