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Naidu Ready For Early Polls, But No List For Now!

Naidu Ready For Early Polls, But No List For Now!

Strange are the ways of Telugu Desam Party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu.

On one hand, he tells media that his party is against early polls and his government will continue its full term. On the other, Naidu tells his party cadre to be prepared for early elections. 

On Saturday, too, he told the TDP cadre gear up themselves and be prepared to face the elections at least five months ahead of the general elections in 2019.

He is making whirlwind tour of different parts of the state in the name of Grama Darshini programme and pulling up the local TDP leaders for not evincing interest in the programme and not visiting the villages.

He has asked the officials to address the grievances of the people during the Grama Darshini programme in all the villages and wards before December.

May be, Naidu is carried away by the announcement made by his Telangana counterpart K Chandrasekar Rao who gave all the hints of an early polls and a dissolution of the state assembly sometime in September.

But while KCR boldly announced that he would announce the list of party candidates for the elections, Naidu is absolutely not in a position to do so.

He knows once he announces the list of MLA candidates, it would trigger massive unrest among those who would not get the seats and they would take a plunge into the opposition parties.

So, Naidu always plays cards close to his chest and does not reveal them till the election schedule is announced.

However, there are reports that Naidu may also announce the names of some candidates for at least 50 assembly seats which are his safe seats, where there is not any contest. This he may do to create a tempo among the party cadre to face the next elections, say party sources.


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