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Naidu Orders Lagadapati To Release Fake Surveys!

Naidu Orders Lagadapati To Release Fake Surveys!

TDP president and AP CM N Chandrababu Naidu seems to have no regard for the famous proverb 'Once bitten, twice shy'.

The proverb says we should learnt lessons from the past and should not commit such mistakes in future. 

But Naidu, seems to be following "Once bitten, twice not shy" principle by ordering the so-called Andhra Octopus Lagadapiti Rajagopal to release fake surveys predicting victory for TDP and defeat for YSRCP in upcoming AP Assembly polls.

Naidu adopted the same policy in Telangana Assembly polls. Lagadapati reportedly released a fake survey predicting victory for Mahakutami comprising of Congress and TDP and defeat for TRS in Assembly polls under pressure from Naidu and financial obligations.

But Naidu's policy completely backfired in Telangana. Still, Naidu seem to have not learnt any lessons.

TDP sources said Lagadapati is set to release a series of pre-poll surveys for AP Assembly polls predicting victory for TDP soon.

Lagadapati is currently facing severe financial crisis and in return Naidu has reportedly approved Rs 1,400 crore contract to a firm owned by Lagadapati in Anantapur and help him to come out of crisis.

Lagadapati, left with no choice due to financial problems, reportedly agreed to Naidu's orders and getting ready to release few fake surveys to create confusion among voters and help TDP.



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