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Naidu On Cloud Nine After AJ Survey!

The so-called flash survey conducted by Andhra Jyothy Telugu daily on the prospects of the political parties if mid-term elections are conducted now seems to have satisfied the ego of Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu.

Naidu told the party colleagues at a meeting on Thursday that the survey had clearly and correctly reflected the people’s opinion. It was evident from the response the party leaders had got during the recently concluded Jana Chaitanya Yatras.

“If we work hard and sincerely, the people would definitely support our party,” he said.

However, he expressed his unhappiness over the ratings given by the people on the performance of the MLAs in several constituencies.

“You may not satisfy the people 100 per cent. But the satisfaction percentage should be at least 80. If you don’t improve the performance, I don’t hesitate to replace you with able candidates in the next elections,” Naidu told the MLAs.

If Naidu is content with the Andhra Jyothy survey, then he is definitely in trouble. It is better he commissions an independent survey by a reliable third party, then he will know the ground realities. Otherwise, he will be doomed!



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