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Naidu Earned Rs 50 Cr From Raju?

Naidu Earned Rs 50 Cr From Raju?

Kanumuru Ravi Chandra Reddy, the official representative of the YSRCP opened up on the scenes behind Raju's arrest. 

He said that a Naidu and Co grabbed Rs 50 Cr from Raju in this crisis time. 

In his words, "Karivepaku Naidu used Raju like Mahesh Babu used Brahmananadam in the film Dookudu. 

Raju offered Karivepaku Naidu to use his talent to the maximum. 

Finally with the encouragement of Karivepaku Naidu and his syndicate media, he has shown his talent in such a level that a sedition case was booked on him. 

In this process, there is also an information that Karivepaku Naidu and his team grabbed almost Rs 50 Cr from Raju from the day of his arrest to the day of his release.

When we cross checked with the people close to Karivepaku Naidu they didn't open up in detail but implied "antega antega". 

Whoever beleived in Karivepaku Naidu didnt prosper in life. Raju is another example. 

We also heard that Raju is in introspection mood now. So we advise everyone not to get trapped in Naidu's net".

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