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Naidu Can't Just Control This MP!

Naidu Can't Just Control This MP!

Flamboyant Telugu Desam Party MP from Eluru Parliamentary Constituency Maganti Babu seems to be an incorrigible character bringing a bad name not only to the party, but also to party president and chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu.

Known for his extravagant lifestyle, Maganti Babu has landed in yet another controversy by converting his office at Kaikaluru into a virtual gambling den.  

With no police officer daring to touch him, Babu and his associates are said to be running the den where cards are played by the members day and night in the name of Sankranti festivities.

They will have to join as members by paying Rs 5,000. They will be allowed inside den with not less than Rs 5 lakh. 

Police have been maintaining silence and did not take any action so far. It is estimated that not less than Rs 5 crore transactions are taking place every day in the den opened round the clock.

As the festival season approaches, crores of rupees flow in this gambling den. The police reportedly complained to Naidu about Maganti Babu’s activities, but the chief minister reportedly told them to just ignore it.

The MP will also indulge in cockfights in a big way during Sankranti festival and crores of rupees are involved in betting.

Babu is also known for conducting recording dances with local dance girls and prostitution goes on allegedly on a large scale.

Who will bell this cat?



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