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Naga Babu's Pitiful Situation Is Exposed

Naga Babu's Pitiful Situation Is Exposed

Two or three days ago, news emerged that Pawan Kalyan's brother and Janasena leader Naga Babu had stopped answering phone calls after not receiving a chance to contest from the Anakapalli seat. 

YCP MLA Grandhi Srinivas has once again strongly emphasized this. 


Yesterday, Pawan Kalyan urged the entire Kapu community to defeat Grandhi Srinivas, condemning him as a disgrace to the Kapus.

Regardless of how much money he spends, Pawan emphasized the importance of defeating him and securing victory for Janasena in Bhimavaram without compromise.

In response, Grandhi Srinivas made strong statements today, suggesting that Pawan should be admitted to Erragadda Hospital.

He noted that Megastar Chiranjeevi has always been respectful and never insulted anyone. Grandhi also alleged that Pawan eventually sold the Anakapalli seat, leading to Naga Babu's depression and unresponsiveness to phone calls.

This confirms that Nagababu is indeed upset and avoiding calls. He is typically accessible to most mega fans, and his involvement is crucial for organizing press events. It remains to be seen what message Nagababu's feelings of discontent convey to the fans.


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