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Nadendla Manohar In Total Disappointment?

Nadendla Manohar In Total Disappointment?

Speaking of Jana Sena party, the only name you hear apart from Pawan Kalyan is Nadendla Manohar. He is the have-all and be-all for the party.

However, it is now heard that the lieutenant of the party is dull and depressed. Reports from political circles say from the past few months Manohar’s name is not being heard.

Incidentally, after YSRCP came into power Pawan switched back to movies. All his statements about sacrificing crores of rupees for public service have vanished in thin air.

In between there were rumors that Manohar decided to quit Janasena. Though it has not happened officially buzz is that Manohar is staying away from activities.

Just like most of the Andhra politicians, he is spending all his time in Hyderabad.

It is heard he is going about with his routine morning walks, hobnobbing with Andhra folks and it is in these private conversations the complete sadness of Manohar is getting revealed. 

Pawan distancing from political sphere at such a crucial time is something Manohar is reportedly unable to digest. All in all, if this be true the day is not far when Manohar would put down his papers.


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