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Muslim quota: Only talk, no bill by KCR!

Muslim quota: Only talk, no bill by KCR!

Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has once again failed to stick to his promise which he has made before the elections and also in the last three years.

KCR has promised to introduce the bill for 12 per cent reservations for Muslims during the budget session itself, but when the session finally ended on Monday, there was no indication of any such bill.

All that he had done on the last day was to give a lengthy lecture, making the same old promise again and again.

KCR said the reservations for Muslims will not be given on the basis of religion and promised that it would be introduced on the lines of Tamil Nadu State by conducting special Assembly session within a week time.

He said that the state will ask the Centre and Supreme Court to accord reservations to the Muslims on the lines of Tamil Nadu.

Now, he further says there was a need to increase the reservations to the BCs and there was a need to take up deep study on it.

Making it clear that the state government will not give reservations on the basis of religion, Chief Minister said that the government will increase the existing reservations percentage.

The state government will increase the reservations’ percentage to the tribal and minority people following the assurances given by the TRS party in its manifesto.

It is now certain that the promise will remain on paper for another two years and KCR will repeat the same promise again in 2019 elections!



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