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Murder Threats To Anti-TRS Candidates?

Murder Threats To Anti-TRS Candidates?

The elections to the State Legislative Council are generally considered insignificant, as the Council does not have any power in rejecting or opposing any bill.

All that the MLCs do is to speak out the people’s issues, which hardly get any coverage in the media.

Yet, the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi is taking the elections very seriously, with the sole objective of decimating the Opposition parties completely.

Already, it has won six out of 12 MLC elections under local bodies’ quota without any contest by pressurising the Opposition candidates to withdraw from the contest and join the TRS. Still, it is not content and wants to grab all the remaining six seats unopposed.

For that, the TRS leaders are going all out to intimidate the Opposition party candidates in Nalgonda, Ranga Reddy, Mahbubnagar and Khammam districts, in which the TRS has very less number of MPTCs and ZPTCs.

According to sources, the TRS leaders including ministers are camping in these districts and are threatening the MPTCs and ZPTCs to surrender to the TRS and vote for the same.

In one of the districts, a minister reportedly threatened to eliminate the rival candidates physically, if necessary.

“We are not responsible, if your party candidates die in a road accident tomorrow, if you don’t join the TRS,” the minister is learnt to have threatened.

The Opposition party candidates are now more worried about their life than their victory.