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Mudragada Under House Arrest Again!

It looks like the Telugu Desam Party government in Andhra Pradesh does not want to give any opportunity to former minister and Kapu strongman Mudragada Padmanabham to raise his head and launch an agitation against the government demanding reservations for Kapus.

While it thwarted all his attempts to take out padayatras and rallies in the past, in the latest move, the government forced him to confine to his house at Kirlampudi village, asking him not to come out of it.

On Saturday, the East Godavari police served a notice on him that he was being put under house arrest until further orders.

When Mudragada refused to take the orders, they pasted the notice on his house and said he should not come out of the house to meet any one. They said if he wants to meet anyone or attend any function, he should apply for permission and only after the administration is satisfied with his reasons, he would be allowed to go out.

The Kapu leader has set a revised deadline of December 6 to the TDP government to implement the reservations for Kapus.

“I will decide the future course of action, if there is no response from the government by then,” Mudragada announced.



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