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More Demand For Selfies With Pawan

When it is a meeting held by powerstar Pawan Kalyan, it will not come as a surprise that it will have his fans in attendance.

An English newspaper had a rather interesting take on Pawan Kalyan's Karimnagar meeting and the confusion at the venue.

The paper says that most of the people present at the meeting were youth who were more interested in Pawan Kalyan, than what he had to say.

Falling in the age group of 20s, his fans were eager to take selfies with their favourite star more than listening to their leader's political views. In fact, all through the meeting, one could see that no one present was seated in their chair.

Almost all of them were standing on the chairs and busy taking selfies from various angles. After trying for about half an hour, Pawan Kalyan ended his meeting and left the place.

But those who suffered the most due to all the confusion and noise were electronic media, as they had a real tough time covering the event.



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