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Modi Stumps Naidu, KCR On Quota Hike!

It is now official. None other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself categorically made it clear that there is no question of enhancing the total percentage of reservations beyond 50 per cent stipulated by the Supreme Court.

“If at all any state or any party makes any promise to provide reservations or enhance reservations to any section or community that would go beyond 50 per cent, it is only a false promise and they are only cheating the community or caste,” Modi said at an election rally in Gujarat, obviously referring to the Congress party’s election promise in the state to provide reservations to Patels under OBC quota.

Going by Modi’s statement, it is very clear that the Centre will not entertain any request or bill that seeks to enhance reservations to a particular community or provide quota to any new caste that would take the overall percentage of reservations to beyond 50 per cent.

It means, the recent bill passed by the Andhra Pradesh assembly providing five per cent reservations to Kapus under OBC quota, as promised by TDP president and chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu will be thrown into dust bin by the Modi government.

So, Naidu cannot just wash off his hands by throwing the Kapu reservations bill into the Centre’s court and say that it is the responsibility of the Centre to accept it. In Modi’s words, Naidu is only cheating the Kapu community.

Similarly, the Muslim reservation bill passed by the Telangana assembly increasing the Muslim quota from four per cent to 12 per cent also will not be entertained by the Centre.

And so, Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao also will end up being a cheater in the eyes of Muslims!



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