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Minister Held By Collar And Bad Mouthed...

In a rather bizarre incident, the members of MRPS misbehaved with Social Welfare Minister Ravela Kishore Babu.

According to those present, the incident happened when Kishore Babu was touring the Prakasam district.

He had gone to meet another Minister Sidda Raghava Rao in the guest house in Ongole when some MRPS leaders tried to meet and submit a letter to him regarding reclassification.

As per their version, the minister refused to take the letter. Following this, the MRPS members tried to stop his car. When Kishore Babu lowered his car window to talk to them, they started abusing him with foul language and misbehaving with him. It is being said that they even tried to catch hold of his shirt collar.

This is the story as per one version. On the other hand, the MRPS members claim that the minister has been opposing reclassification.

No matter what their grouses are, it is important to remember that mishandling a minister is not appropriate and the protestors must exercise restraint while seeking a viable solution to the classification issue.



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