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Middlemen Between Jagan And Party Cadre?

For any political party, the most important component is the party cadre at the grass root level. Without a strong cadre base and proper networking between the top leadership and the cadre, no political party can succeed in any election and come to power.

A strong leader should have a perfect connect with the cadre at the ground level so that whatever decision the party takes, he should be in a position to take it to the field level through cadre.

No doubt, YSR Congress party president Y S Jagamohan Reddy has emerged as a strong leader and has big following among the people. But, unfortunately, there is no proper connect between him and the party cadre at the grass root level.

The main reason, according to party insiders, is that there are several hurdles between the cadre and Jagan.

There have been complaints from the cadre that it is extremely difficult for the party cadre at the constituency or mandal level to meet Jagan.

There are a lot of middlemen between the lower-rung leaders and Jagan and without greasing their palms, it is not possible to approach the top leadership.

Not just leaders, even security men and personal assistants have to be bribed to get an appointment with Jagan.

The other day, some leaders from Pulivendula came to Hyderabad to meet Jagan. Though they are from his own constituency and village, they could not get his appointment. It was only after they bribed the staff of Jagan’s office, they could meet him.

These things would not go to his notice, but if such a practice is not curbed, it would only widen the gap between him and the cadre!



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