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Media-Unbiased No More

Media-Unbiased No More

Media neutrality is a thing of the past. Supposed to be the watchdogs of the constitution, they are now guardians of the interests of one political party or the other.

The coverage of Naidu’s audio tape conversation, by the leading Telugu dailies in AP makes this clear.

‘Eenadu’ says that the tape contains the voice alleged to be that of Chandrababu and gave greater space to the TDP’s condemnation of the tape. It focused on the ‘phone tapping of a CM’ aspect and said tht the AP government would soon file a case in this regard.

Andhra Jyothy termed it a war between two ‘chandrannas’ and chose to highlight the fact that there was an audio tape of KTR which ought to be made public.

As for ‘Sakshi’, it took the line that the tape clearly proves Naidu is the ‘boss’ and it might even lead to his arrest soon.

There was a time when in corruption cases, newspapers used to report the truth the way it was and leave the judgement to the people. Now, everything is being twisted to suit the agendas of olitical parties.



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