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Lokesh Yet To Get Over 'Pappu' Tag!

In the national politics, Congress party vice-president Rahul Gandhi has got the nickname of “Pappu” for being the immature son of strong leader like Sonia Gandhi and his inept handling of the party affairs.

In Andhra Pradesh, the “Pappu” tag is now being given to TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh, who is trying to get the glory under the shadow of his father chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu.

His immature way of handling things has brought this tag behind his name, as he is still new to politics.

On Thursday, Lokesh was obviously tense, as for the first time he was donning the role of a public representative, though he was not in a strict sense as he is a nominated MLA.

While taking oath as the MLC, Lokesh fumbled several times in reading it out in Telugu in which he is poor. He even could not utter proper words while paying tributes to his grandfather NTR.

He had to take the help of his party seniors around him to read out the text whenever he fumbled in pronouncing tough words like “Sarvabhoumadikaaram.”

That he is not entering the government at an inauspicious time was indicated when he almost slipped and was about fall down while he was going to offer floral tributes to NTR statue at the Guntur TDP office.

Timely intervention by some party workers saved him from falling down. Come out of nervousness, Mr Lokesh!



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