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Letter war between Kapu leaders picks up heat!

Letter war between Kapu leaders picks up heat!

The Kapu politics is getting heated up in Andhra Pradesh with two rival groups owing allegiance to YSR Congress party led by Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy and Jana Sena Party led by Pawan Kalyan indulging in a war of letters.

For the last few days, Kapu leaders from YSRC have been attacking Pawan Kalyan for deciding to go in for an alliance with the Telugu Desam Party.

Leading this group from the front is state industries minister Gudivada Amarnath, who is questioning the propriety of the power star for tilting towards Naidu, who he believes is anti-Kapu.

Amarnath’s comments evoked strong reactions, not from Pawan Kalyan, but from veteran Kapu leader and former MP Ch Venkata Harirama Jogaiah.

He wrote a crisp letter to Amarnath accusing him of being a pawn in the hands of Jagan. He wondered whether Amarnath was really a Kapu leader.

Amarnath also retorted by writing a short letter saying Jogaiah should have made such comments against Pawan Kalyan who had become a puppet in the hands of Naidu.

“I pray God that the senior leader’s health and mental faculties should be strong,” he said.

Jogaiah shot back accusing Amarnath of trying to create a wedge between Pawan Kalyan and Kapus by dragging Chandrababu Naidu into the tussle.

He said Kapus won’t vote for Jagan in 2024, as he had not implemented five percent Economically Weaker Sections quota for the Kapus.

On Tuesday, the industries minister wrote a strongly worded letter to Jogaiah again targeting Pawan Kalyan and the veteran leader.

He sought to know whether he appreciated the decision of Pawan Kalyan to have an alliance with Chandrababu Naidu, who had allegedly masterminded the killing of popular Kapu leader Vangaveeti Mohan Ranga.

He said he had no intention of creating differences among the Kapus.

“No Kapu leader who knows how Naidu had got Ranga killed would ever vote for the TDP and Jana Sena which is supporting it. Anyone who has a Kapu DNA is aware as to who had killed Ranga,” he said.

Amarnath reminded that Jogaiah had mentioned several times in the past that it was Naidu who was behind the murder of Ranga.

“I have no qualms in saying that Naidu is anti-Kapu and Pawan Kalyan is mortgaging Kapu interests with the TDP,” he asserted.


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