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Learn To Take It Easy, Mr Lokesh!

The reports that Telugu Desam Party general secretary and Andhra Pradesh Information Technology Minister Nara Lokesh is contemplating criminal action against those who post critical and sarcastic comments against him in the social media have evoked a lot of criticism.

Many netizens are expressing view that Lokesh should behave like a matured politician and learnt to take the criticism in his stride.

“If he is any other political leader, nobody would have cared about him and what he speaks. But he is the son of a chief minister and so, everybody’s attention would be on him.

Instead of contemplating action against him, he should try to correct himself. He should proper homework before speaking in public,” a senior journalist observed.

Lokesh has become a butt of ridicule in social media since he took oath as a minister in the Naidu cabinet on April 2, when he fumbled.

His recent “greetings” to the people on the occasion of Ambedkar’s “vardhanti” (instead of jayanti) and his latest comment that a city is like a girl friend who demands money – all showed him in poor light.

“Naturally, such comments will become talk of the town, not because people deliberately criticise him,” he said.

In fact, every popular politician has been a subject of criticism and attack in social media – whether it is Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, his son K T Rama Rao or for that matter, Lokesh’s father N Chandrababu Naidu.

“Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi has been there in politics for over a decade. He is still a subject of ridicule, criticism and attack in the media. Are they taking legal action against the critics?” the scribe asked.



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