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KVP vows to fight for Bharat Ratna to Naidu!

KVP vows to fight for Bharat Ratna to Naidu!

Senior Congress leader and Rajya Sabha member K V P Ramachandra Rao on Sunday came up with an interesting offer: he would fight for getting Bharat Ratna, the highest civilian award of the country to Telugu Desam Party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu.

Condition: Naidu should complete the multi-purpose Polavaram project within the deadline of 2019 in all aspects as per the designs approved by the Centre and release water into the left and right canals through gravity to meet the irrigation and drinking water requirements of coastal Andhra districts.

“If Naidu can achieve this goal, I will try my best to get you the title of Apara Bhageerathudu and also dedicate the entire my life to fight for getting you Bharat Ratna award from the Centre,” KVP said, in an open letter to the chief minister.

However, KVP expressed apprehensions that Naidu was trying to project the ongoing coffer dam works as the main dam and supply water to the right and left canals through Pattiseema and Purushottapatnam lifts and claim that he had completed the Polavaram project.

“We have come to this conclusion after seeing the works at the project site. There is nothing more deceitful act than this to hoodwink the people and gain political mileage,” KVP said.

The Congress MP took serious objection to the criticism by some TDP leaders that he was obstructing the project works by complaining to the Centre.

“Prove your allegations or tender public apology. If I am at fault, I am ready to quit politics and resign from the MP seat forthwith,” he said.

He sought to know whether the Centre had fixed a condition that if the Polavaram project was not completed before the deadline, all the financial grants given so far would be converted into loan and the burden would fall on the people.

“If you have any sincerity, fight against the Centre for imposing such conditions. The state government has taken over the project from the Centre only because you wanted to gain monetary gains from the contractors,” he alleged.



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