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Kukatpally's Covid Hospital Minting Black Money?

Kukatpally's Covid Hospital Minting Black Money?

A small hospital in Hyderabad which is known only for the people living in and around Kukatpally is minting money in the name of Covid treatment. 

Some patients have recorded the practices of this hospital staff and are approaching the government authorities to take action. The authorities are now examining if the recorded stuff is enough to proceed legally and take action on the hospital. 

As per the content seen in the video, the hospital management is not allowing any patient attendees with mobile phones inside the billing counter or the counselling room where the negotiations happen. 

On demand, the patient attendees are paying the amount in cash in full to the hospital authorities but they are not receiving any invoice. 

The concerned person on behalf of the hospital said that the bill will be given subsequently next week but not in tune with what is paid. This hospital is in the swing of making huge black money in the name of pandemic. 

It was also informed by some patient attendees that the hospital has created an artificial demand for Redmisivir injection and sold at Rs 45,000 each for many days to the needy.

After knowing that the government and the police had kept some vigilance on this racket happening across the state in some hospitals, this hospital made it available to the patients now for market price. 

A police officer said, "Apart from some videos that attract the section of extortion, we are also getting some complaints that this hospital is charging Rs 75,000 per oxygen cylinder per day apart from the charges for bed. As the Covid-19 patient steps inside, it seems that the hospital authorities are demanding to pay Rs 3 lakh in advance to provide the bed. The prices are also varying depending on the financial background of the patient, we are told. Many are saying that the hospital is not even accepting any insurance policy for Covid treatment".

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