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KTR's 'Rangasthalam' and Harish's 'Shaneshwaram'?

KTR's 'Rangasthalam' and Harish's 'Shaneshwaram'?

What ensured TRS partys' stupendous victory in the recent Telangana Assembly polls?

Is it KCR's famous abuse of criticising leaders of Mahakutami as "Thoo mee bathuku cheda"? or KTR's chanting Rangasthalam song? or Harish's typical self-created proverb of 'Shaneshwaram'?

TRS leaders and cadre acknowledge that it's KTR's 'Rangasthalam' and Harish's 'Shaneshwaram' proverb has struck a perfect chord with voters than KCR's abuses.

In all the election meetings that he addresed, KCR chanted popular song from Ramcharan's Rangasthalam movie, "Aa Gattununtaava Naganna, Ee Gattununtaava", to caution Telangana voters to decide for themselves whether they want to remain with TRS, which is a true Telangana party or they want to remain with Andhra Party TDP-dominated Mahakutami.

During the recent launch of Ramcharan's "VVV" trailer, KTR, who was the chief guest, admitted that he used Rangasthalam song in almost all the election meetings which evoked huge response and he thanked Ramcharan and music director Devi Prasad for contributing to TRS victory in this form without their knowledge.

But KTR was quick enough to crack a joke saying that Ramcharan and Devi Sri should not ask him now to pay money for using Rangasthalam song.

Similarly, Harish's created his own proverb "TRS vasthe Kaleshwaram, Congress vasthe Shaneshwaram" to send a clear message to Telangana voters that if TRS comes to power, Kaleshwaram project will be completed and if Congress comes to power, people will be troubled by 'shani', which brings sorrow, sickness, depression and other ill-effects.

People decided to remain with TRS gattu from KTR's Rangasthalam song and people favoured Kaleshwaram water over Shaneshwaram shani and the result is history.



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