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KTR Plays 'Andhra Card' Again

KTR Plays 'Andhra Card' Again

Nagaiah is a character artiste who played the role of grandfather in the movie 'Vedam'. The man has fallen on hard times and was reported to be begging on the streets of Hyderabad.

KTR came to his rescue and gave him financial assistance apart from putting in a word with MAA President, Rajendra Prasad.

Tweeting about this, KTR said, “Met 'Siricilla Ramulu' aka Nagaiah Garu today. Handed over Rs.1 lakh as assistance from my side. Also arranged for old age artist pension through Govt. Spoke to Rajendra Prasad, president of MAA to also assist. Nagaiah incidentally is native of Guntur.”

Why in the name of Jesus did KTR need to mention that Nagaih is a native of Guntur? Is it only to emphasize the fact that he has reached out to an Andhra native and therefore practices no discrimination?

By playing the regional card once again, he has taken away the sheen off a good deed. Had he just restricted himself to helping out Nagaiah and speaking about it, he would have definitely merited a lot of appreciation. But by bringing the regional factor into play again, he has just turned this into another political gimmick.

And also, with all due respect to Nagaih garu, is KTR unaware of the plight of his own farmers in Telangana?

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