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Kodanda Overestimating His Party Strength?

Kodanda Overestimating His Party Strength?

The 48-hour deadline fixed by Telangana Jana Samithi president Prof M Kodandaram to the Congress party to decide the seat sharing among the allies has baffled political pundits in Telangana.

Kodandaram is said to be upset with the reports that the Congress party might not offer more than three or four seats to the TJS, while he is expecting at least 20 seats.

He thought during the course of bargaining, he might scale it down to 12. So, he is not able to digest the reports that his party might get only four or a maximum of five seats.

But, political analysts say Kodandaram is definitely overestimating his party’s strength.

May be, Kodandaram has an image for himself among the people, but people do not know who the other candidates are except a handful of people like Kapilawai Dileep Kumar, Rachana Reddy, and Gade Innaiah.

Whether one agrees or not, it requires a lot of man power and money power to win the elections. But there are hardly any leader in the TJS who has that kind of power.

There is no doubt that Kodandaram has a lot of face value and credibility among the people, but he is thoroughly mistaken if he thinks people would vote for his party candidates by looking at his face and his credibility.

What is more surprising is that Kodandaram is said to be demanding tickets for those constituencies where the Congress is very strong.

For example, he wants to field his party candidates in constituencies like Mahbubnagar, Suryapet, Karimnagar, Dubbak, Jangaon, Peddapalli, Miryalguda, Nizamabad and Station Ghanpur. In all these constituencies, the Congress has fair chances of victory.

Interestingly, the Telugu Desam Party and the CPI have almost reconciled to the fact that the Congress is a bigger player in the alliance and they have limited stakes. So, they are ready to scale down their demands in the interest of the alliance.

Will Kodandaram compromise with the number of seats in the interest of the overall goal of defeating the TRS?



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