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Kodali Nani's Permanent Goodbye to Politics?

Kodali Nani's Permanent Goodbye to Politics?

This is not a mere feeler but a talk that is making rounds right from Gudivada political circles.

According to the rumor, Kodali Nani has decided to quit politics forever and is never going to contest as an MLA in the future.

The reasons cited are mixed.

While some say he has taken this decision on health grounds, others say he got 'vairagya' (disillusionment) after the defeat in recent elections.

They say that when the defeat touched his party despite doing a lot in the form of welfare for the people, he felt that there is no meaning in continuing in active politics without knowing the formula for success.

Sources say that one of his family members from the next generation is going to enter politics to contest for the Gudivada MLA seat next time.

But as of now, the talk is that Kodali Nani, who served as a formidable MLA from Gudivada for about 20 consecutive years and as Minister of Civil Supplies of Andhra Pradesh for two and a half years, has fulfilled his political career and feels that he has reached a point of saturation and contentment.


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