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KCR's Master-Stroke: Revanth or Harish

KCR's Master-Stroke: Revanth or Harish

Who is the biggest critic of KCR in Telangana? Even a small child can answer that question. It’s Revanth Reddy.

By joining the Congress, Revanth has infused fresh life into the party in Telangana and Rahul Gandhi’s recent tour has motivated the cadre as well.

Nevertheless, KCR is comfortably placed to win the 2019 polls easily although his majority may come down slightly.

There are two problems for KCR now: One is making KTR the CM and the other is removing the threat of Harish Rao to KTR.

KCR wants to hand over power to KTR in 2019 and play a role in the NDA but he is worried that KTR might not find it easy in the Assembly taking on Revanth Reddy by himself.

Therefore, he has deputed Harish Rao as in-charge of Kodangal, Revanth Reddy’s constituency with the instructions that Revanth should be defeated at any cost.

Harish Rao accompanied by four other Ministers went to Kodangal and laid the foundation stones for government programmes which had already been launched in the past.

The TRS then held a huge public meeting which was countered by Revanth Reddy with an even bigger meeting.

If Harish Rao succeeds in getting Revanth Reddy defeated, for KCR, there will be no more Revanth Reddy headache in the Assembly.

If Revanth Reddy wins, Harish Rao will be held responsible and there will be no more Harish Rao nuisance for KTR.

What a master plan by KCR!



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