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KCR Targets Cong, BJP Reddys, Skips Babu In Warangal

KCR Targets Cong, BJP Reddys, Skips Babu In Warangal

Following in the footsteps of AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, who did not take the name of KCR or utter any adverse remark against KCR or TRS in the recent T-TDP meeting in Hyderabad, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao too avoided making any adverse comments against Babu or TDP during the Warangal bypoll election meeting held on Tuesday evening in Hanmakonda.

Instead KCR attacked all the Reddy leaders from the Congress and BJP by calling them 'daddammalu' (buffoons) who did not partake in the Telangana statehood agitations, even without submitting resignations for MLA, MP, minister posts in 2009.

KCR came down heavily on Congress senior leader S Jaipal Reddy, CLP leader K Jana Reddy and BJP Telangana president G Kishan Reddy in his speech, but avoided any reference to any TDP leader including Chandrababu Naidu in his speech, which continued for nearly 45 minutes.

KCR said that Jaipal Reddy enjoyed power for 10 years in UPA government from 2004 to 2014 when he was a minister, when entire Telangana was fighting for separate statehood.

"Now Jaipal Reddy shamelessly questions me where I was during Sakala Janula Samme. I resigned from my central minister post and MP post and took part in agitation. Jaipal Reddy deserted Telangana agitation with a fear that he would lose his minister post if he takes part in it. He claimed himself as a nationalist and not a separatist," KCR remarked.

KCR did not leave K Jana Reddy either who he referred to as 'peddalu Jana Reddy' during every occasion saying that Jana always tried to utilise Telangana sentiment for his political growth and was never committed to the cause of Telangana.

"In 1992, Jana Reddy was denied minister post in then Congress government headed by Kotla Vijayabhaskar Reddy. Angered at this, he took up Telangana issue and invited me for the meeting. I told Jana that just because you were denied minister post, you raked up Telangana issue. There is no sincerity on your part towards Telangana. I will not attend your meeting and did not go. After 20 days, Vijayabhaskar Reddy invited Jana Reddy and made him agriculture minister. Jana immediately buried Telangana issue. Such spineless leaders are now pointing fingers at me," KCR said.

KCR was also very furious at BJP Kishan Reddy for his recent remarks that Telangana government failed to achieve anything in its 17-month rule.

"When all TRS MLAs resigned in 2009 to protest the U-turn of Centre on formation of Telangana State, Kishan Reddy fled. Another BJP MLA from Nizamabad submitted resignation and was re-elected in bypoll. It's strange a daddamma (buffoon) like Kishan Reddy is finding fault with TRS now. I can only say Kishan Reddy to compare the 17-month rule of Modi with TRS to know how TRS government is far ahead than NDA. We have implemented many welfare schemes for the benefit of poorer sections, while Modi did nothing in this period."

Political analysts opine that KCR avoiding criticism of Naidu or TDP and not even taking Naidu's name even once during the election meeting, proved beyond doubt the bonhomie between both the leaders.

After the Amaravati function, the Warangal meetings have surely strengthened their 'friendship bond' further.