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KCR eyes Deputy PM post, seeks Jagan's support!

KCR eyes Deputy PM post, seeks Jagan's support!

During election campaigning for Lok Sabha polls, TRS chief and Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao announced that he has no ambition of becoming a Prime Minister.

With this, everyone thought that KCR has no interest in national politics and wants to confine to Telangana.

But a clever politician KCR is, no one could realise the 'logic' behind KCR's statement.

According to TRS sources, KCR's logic behind giving that statement is that he wants to become Deputy PM and not PM.

This is because, KCR realised that it's impossible to become PM under the present circumstance unless some magic or wonder happens, for which the chances are remote.

For that reason, KCR has decided to throw his hat in Deputy PM's chair.

KCR is even learnt to have sought Jagan's support for becoming Deputy PM and is trying to garner the support of DMK chief MK Stalin, Karnataka CM Kumaraswamy, Odisha CM Navin Patnaik etc.

KCR is confident that TRS will win 15 LS seats and Jagan will win 20 LS seats. KCR believes that both the parties strength in Lok Sabha will increase to 35 and this will be enough to bargain and achieve Deputy CM post.

KCR expects support from Stalin, Kumaraswamy, Navin Patnaik and several other regional leaders.

KCR believes that garnering support for Deputy PM post would be easier than for PM post because a bitter battle is already going on between regional parties and Congress for PM post, though LS results are yet to be announced and KCR sees no chances to win in this mad race for PM post with just 35 MPs under his belt.



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