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KCR Doesn't Tolerate Rebel Voices!

KCR Doesn't Tolerate Rebel Voices!

Telangana Rashtra Samithi president and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, who has been able to decimate the Opposition parties to a large extent, if not totally, seems to be hell bent on scuttling any voice that speaks against him or his government.

It was evident from the way KCR has successfully dismantled the Telangana political joint action committee (TJAC) by forcing the employees unions coming out of it.

The employees were the real backbone of the JAC, as they played crucial role in the Telangana movement. However, after the Telangana State was formed and TRS came to power, most of the employees’ union leaders have turned sycophants of KCR.

Key employee JAC leaders like Devi Prasad, Srinivas Reddy, P Ravinder, P Sudhakar Reddy and others joined the TRS, while others were completely brought over by the KCR government by offering them plots, increments and posts.

KCR expected similar surrender from JAC chairman M Kodandaram, but the latter did not kneel down before power. He continued to raise his voice against the anti-people policies of the KCR government.

He also questioned KCR’s strategy of encouraging Telangana betrayers by offering them key positions, ignoring the real fighters. This has naturally angered KCR and he successfully destroyed the JAC.

We need to see whether Kodandaram will also fall in line of KCR or emerge as a hero by sustaining his fight.



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