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Kapu Patriarch Frustrated With 'Dictator' Naidu!

Former minister and Kapu strongman Mudragada Padmanabham does not want to give up his fight against the “oppressive” Chandrababu Naidu government but at the same time, getting frustrated with the way the police are not allowing to take out the padayatra.

On Sunday, Mudragada managed to take out the padayatra for five to six kilometres and mobilise thousands of people to join him.

He somehow took advantage of the laxity among the police, who thought he was just going out to meet some friends. But within no time, it turned out to be a huge padayatra.

The police became alert and took him into custody immediately to release him back in his Kirlampudi house.

Mudragada said he had to resort to surprise yatra only to counter the challenge thrown by the local Telugu Desam Party leaders that he cannot make even a step ahead for padayatra.

“I accepted the challenge and took out padayatra for 5 to 6 km peacefully despite prohibitory orders only to prove that I am capable of doing so, but respect the law also,” he said. 

He wondered why the police stopped him from taking up the yatra.

“Did we do any damage to public property during our padayatra? We only took out the protest march to show that we can,” he said.

The Kapu patriarch wondered why Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu is behaving like a dictator.

“All we have done is to question you about the election promises made to our community with regard to reservation in education and employment and to know why those promises are not being honoured. Is it wrong?” he questioned. 

Mudragada said he has great respect for the Police Department.  

“Yesterday, I only took out the protest march only to prove that we are capable and do not want not create any law and problem,” he said.



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