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Kanna In Second Thoughts Over Joining YSRC?

Kanna In Second Thoughts Over Joining YSRC?

Former minister and senior leader from Guntur Kanna Lakshminarayana, who was supposed to join the YSR Congress party on April 25, deferred his plan and joined the hospital instead with complaints of high blood pressure and exertion.

According to latest information, Kanna is in second thoughts over joining the YSRC. Though he had resigned from Bharatiya Janata Party stating that the party had done injustice to him, he could not join the YSRC on health grounds.

Though he is now said to be perfectly alright, he has not yet announced the date to join the YSRC.

But sources said the reason for Kanna deferring his plan to join the YSRC was that he had received two phone calls from BJP leadership soon after it received his letter.

First, BJP president Amit Shah himself called Kanna and asked him to drop the plan. Within minutes, he received another call from BJP national secretary Ram Madhav, who was instrumental in bringing Kanna into the BJP.

Ram Madhav told Kanna that the party would protect his business and political interests and asked him not to take any hasty decision on joining the YSRC.

Though the former minister demanded that he should be made state BJP chief, Ram Madhav said the RSS would raise serious objection to it, as Kanna had defected from the Congress

“However, we shall give all respect you and give whatever position you want during the elections,” the BJP leader assured Kanna.

It was only after that the latter had kept his decision to join the YSRC in abeyance, say reports.



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