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Kanna Babu Facing Threat To His Life?

Kanna Babu Facing Threat To His Life?

Journalist-turned-politician and presently, AP minister for agriculture Kurasala Kanna Babu is said to be facing threat perception to his life from extremists, according to intelligence sources.

Based on specific inputs from the intelligence department, the Andhra Pradesh government on Friday strengthened the security cover to Kanna Babu by allotting him a bullet proof vehicle.

The department gave a report to the state police forces 10 days ago.

Apparently, the intelligence department had a surveillance on the movement of Kanna Babu in the last few months.

Most of the time, he travels by his ordinary car and gets into people very frequently. He even goes deep into the forest areas of East Godavari district to which he belongs.

As a result, the intelligence department felt that there is every possibility of Kanna Babu becoming a soft target for extremists.

Because of this threat perception, the department recommended to the state police headquarters to provide a bullet proof vehicle to the minister.

The police had advised Kanna Babu to use only bullet proof vehicles wherever he goes hereafter. They asked him to cooperate with the police in this regard.

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