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Jagan's master stroke: Krishna district the reward

Jagan's master stroke: Krishna district the reward

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has come up with a sensational master stroke during his Padayatra in Krishna district: He has declared that he would rename the Krishna district after NT Rama Rao (not Jr NTR) once he comes to power.

The most influential community in Krishna district is the Kamma community. Although the Kapus are larger in number, they are aeons behind the Kammas in terms of financial clout. Therefore, the goodwill of the Kammas is paramount in order to do well politically in Krishna.

The Kammas, by and large, look upon NT Rama Rao as god as he was largely instrumental in making them rich after coming to power.

While the TDP is looked upon as a Kamma party, the Congress was traditionally referred to as a Reddy bastion and it is no the YSRCP. Therefore, both communities never bother to acknowledge leaders of the other parties.

But YS Jagan with this announcement has demolished all casteist perceptions and is sure to win the goodwill of the Kammas and pave the way for a greater influx of their numbers into his party.

By putting aside personal egos and thinking practically, YS Jagan has proved that he has matured as a politician and a very smart one at that, going by his current decision.




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