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Jagan's Follower Or A Covert?

Jagan's Follower Or A Covert?

It looks like some so-called ardent self-proclaimed followers of YSR Congress party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy are causing immense damage to him and his party, making one wonder whether they are really followers or coverts planted by the rival parties.

One would get this doubt after seeing the social media posting by a self-styled Jagan’s follower Tiyagura Venkat Reddy on Thursday threatening to kill actor and Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan for his recent remarks against Jagan.

Venkat Reddy has shared a selfie video on his Facebook handle in which he gave serious warnings to Pawan and his fans.

He is said to have mentioned that he would kill the Jana Sena chief if he continues to make comments on Jagan. He further instigated Pawan's fans to come to Guntur to have a face-off with him.

The video went viral creating a flutter among the Pawan fans. After watching the video, the Guntur police arrested Venkat Reddy later in the day.

Such postings in social media in favour of a political leader have become a fashion these days, but those who post them do not understand that they would cause immense damage to their own political idols.

In case of Venkat Reddy, the Guntur police disclosed that he was already facing two murder cases and said they were going to open a rowdy sheet against him.

It will give an opportunity to the rival Telugu Desam Party or even Jana Sena to allege that YSRC was full of such rowdy elements and murderers.

The TDP leaders even recall the statement of Jagan during the Nandyal elections that the TDP president should be shot down in the streets for cheating people. They now link up Venkat Reddy behaviour with that of Jagan.

Of course, YSRC was quick to issue a disclaimer statement in the evening, stating that Venkat Reddy had nothing to with the party and Jagan would not entertain such elements but believe in democratic fights.



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