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Jagan Raps Roja For Losing Tongue Again?

Jagan Raps Roja For Losing Tongue Again?

YSR Congress party MLA from Nagari R K Roja does not seem to have learnt any lessons for the loss caused to the party because of her loose tongue and aggressive behaviour.

Her behaviour has done more damage than benefit to the party and party leaders say if she does not mend her ways, she might once again prove an iron leg for the party.

Her latest comments against film producer Bandla Ganesh during a television debate on dynasty politics kicked up a storm in the party.

She not only passed unwarranted comments against Pawan Kalyan (saying Vaadu.. Veedu.. etc) but also tried to shout down Ganesh saying she would break his teeth, if he exceeded his limits.

Her comments triggered wide resentment not only among the fans of Pawan Kalyan, but also in a major section of Kapu community.

They are now demanding that Roja be dropped from the popular TV show Jabardast as she lost her stature to sit beside Nagabadu, brother of Pawan Kalyan.

Sources in the YSRC said party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy called up Roja and pulled her up for crossing her limits and foul-mouthing Ganesh and Pawan Kalyan.

“It was pretty evident that the channel anchor was trying to provoke us. And you fell in his trap and lost your temper. Your craze for publicity is causing lot of damage to the party,” he is learnt to have said to Roja.

In fact, it is not the first time that Jagan took Roja and other loud mouth leaders like Chevireddi Bhaskar Reddy to task for their loose comments.

Her unwarranted comments against tourism minister Akhila Priya during the Nandyal by-elections led to a negative talk about the party, which lost to the TDP.

After that Chevireddy remained silent but Roja, after keeping mum for a few days, was back to her original self, abusing the political rivals.



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