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Jagan deadline a clever move, says JC

Jagan deadline a clever move, says JC

It is an open secret that Telugu Desam Party MP from Ananatapur J C Diwakar Reddy is a straightforward politician and does not mince words when he wants to say something, even if it embarrasses his own party.

On Wednesday, JC described the decision of YSR Congress party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy to set a deadline of April 6 to the Centre to grant special category status to Andhra Pradesh as a clever move.

“He has to have some issue to go into the people and attract them. So, he chose this plan,” he said.

The TDP MP said Jagan had chosen a safe way to garner publicity.

“He asked his MPs to resign after April 6, if the Centre does not grant special category status. Resignations after April would mean there would be no by-elections. So, the MPs will not be under any pressure, as there would be hardly any Parliament sessions after that,” he said.

While admitting that Jagan’s move would definitely have some pressure on the TDP, the Anantapur MP said the resignations would not have any impact on the TDP as the TDP has already got an upper hand.

“If Jagan has guts, he should not wait till April and ask his MPs to quit immediately. In fact, he should have done it last year itself, as he announced,” he said.