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It's clear: Revanth to get out of TDP

It's clear: Revanth to get out of TDP

It is more or less clear by now that Telangana Telugu Desam Party working president and Kodangal MLA A Revanth Reddy will get out of the TDP soon.

It was evident from the serious comments he made against the TDP leaders from Andhra Pradesh, including finance minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, women and child welfare minister Paritala Sunitha and MLC Payyavula Kesav. He also defended his stand on having an alliance with the Congress in the next elections.

Making some sensational allegations against the Andhra TDP leaders, Revanth said KCR had given Rs 2,000 crore contract to the family of Yanamala; so, he would not allow any criticism against KCR. Similarly, Paritala family got the beer manufacturing contract in Hyderabad. 

“The TDP leaders from Andhra should give an explanation to these facts,” he said.

Lashing out at Keshav, the Telangana TDP leader wondered why Kesav had to go head over heels before KCR, when he came to Anantapur to attend Paritala Sriram marriage.

The TDP leaders, who did not pay much attention to party president N Chandrababu Naidu at the wedding, went euphoric on seeing KCR and rolled out a red carpet welcome to him.

“Where is the need for Kesav to hold secret parleys with KCR? How can he give so much respect to KCR, who has been harassing Telangana TDP leaders and sending them to jails?” he asked.

Revanth went to the extent of questioning Naidu for yielding to the Bharatiya Janata Party.

“There is already a lot of clarity in the BJP. It will not go for an alliance with the TDP and contest on its own. And in Telangana, the BJP has no existence, as was evident from the sacking of Bandaru Dattatreya from the central cabinet,” he said.

He said there was nothing wrong in Telangana TDP joining hands with the Congress to defeat the TRS.

“When we have been fighting on issue basis, why can’t we have an alliance?” he asked.

Needless to say, Naidu will definitely take a serious note of it and pull up Revanth. And the MLAs knows it very well and therefore, he is expecting such a development so that he can shift loyalties to the Congress.



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