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Is There Hidden Meaning In JC's Comments?

Is There Hidden Meaning In JC's Comments?

JC's comments on Pattiseema seem to be ambiguous and those in political circles feel that he has made some strategic comments.

What has raised many eyebrows is his comment about his considering YSRCP leader Jagan as his son. JC also gave a suggestion to Jagan saying that he must keep off from commenting about Pattiseema and Chandra Babu Naidu.

Since Babu has been trying to give water to Rayalaseema, JC said that Jagan must remain silent for now. However, if the project does not fulfill its purpose, then they could take on Babu jointly said JC.

But the big question is, will JC really take on Chandra Babu if the water does not come to Rayalaseema?

On the other hand, JC also quipped that he was not expecting a minister’s post as Babu would never let him into his Cabinet.

Well, after listening to his entire comment, one is left wondering if JC indirectly made a ‘mahatma’ out of Babu after all.

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