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Is TDP MP Siva Prasad Sulking?

Is TDP MP Siva Prasad Sulking?

Is senior TDP leader and Chittoor MP Dr N Sivaprasad sulking? At least that’s what many in political circles feel as he hasn't attended Lok Sabha sessions and hasn’t attended Telugu Desam party meetings in a very long time.

It is being said he is unhappy that despite being a senior MP he is not being accorded proper attention and due respect within the party.

Also, he wasn’t picked for minister’s post and worse still, he wasn’t chosen as the party leader in Lok Sabha. It is said that he is totally dissatisfied due to these reasons.

Meanwhile, many are surprised that Sivaprasad hasn’t bothered to go to Lok Sabha sessions too. On the other hand, MP Devender Goud has also stopped going towards TDP office it is being said.

A newspaper has also carried a story saying that some MPs were openly discussing the fact that more than political discussions and activities, business transactions are being discussed at the TDP office within the Parliament premises.

Union Minister for Civil Aviation Ashok Gajapathi Raju will not get into the matter. So it remains to be seen if Sujana Choudhary will make any effort to pacify these MPs.

However, it is being said that many leaders within the party are sulking as Sujana Choudhary has been chosen for the minister’s post as against them.



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