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Is Pawan Kalyan's 'Bus Chariot' A Mere Waste?

Is Pawan Kalyan's 'Bus Chariot' A Mere Waste?

A bus chariot was designed for Pawan Kalyan for the purpose of touring the entire state politically.

The chariot resembles a military vehicle and NTR's age old Chaitanyaratham. But so far that was not used.

Initially there were feelers that the bus yatra of Pawan would be from Dasara 2022. But the months have moved and now the Sankranthi season is also coming up.

Sources say that Pawan planned for his yatra but stepped back as he  felt that he may get camouflaged with the yatra of Amaravati farmers. But now Lokesh himself is getting into the 400 days yatra by putting an end to the Amaravathi Rythu Yatra.

As per the understanding between TDP and Janasena, when Lokesh does something, Pawan wouldn't do the same.

As the Lokesh yatra continues throughout 2023 followed by elections, Pawan will never find the need to do any yatra. So the chariot is a wastage now. All that he can do with that is his namesake election campaign.

Perhaps, keeping all this in mind, Pawan might have okayed three films in line. So, there wouldn't be any more yatras.

Even the film circles say that Pawan is a lazy man and he hardly does any yatras.


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