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Is KCR taking a 'big risk' for the sake of daughter?

Is KCR taking a 'big risk' for the sake of daughter?

It has been nearly a week since BRS President and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao declared the names of BRS candidates for 115 constituencies for the upcoming Assembly polls scheduled for December this year.

KCR also announced that he will contest from two Assembly seats, Gajwel (which he currently represents) and Kamareddy.

KCR has never before contested two Assembly seats simultaneously, although there was an instance of him contesting an Assembly election from Gajwel and a Lok Sabha election from the Medak constituency in 2014.

The debate surrounding why KCR chose to contest from two Assembly seats at the same time for the first time in his four-decade-long illustrious political career refuses to die down even a week after the announcement of BRS candidates.

The buzz in BRS circles is that KCR took this significant risk for the sake of his daughter, Kalvakuntla Kavitha.

Kavitha lost to BJP candidate Dharmapuri Aravind in the 2019 elections for the Nizamabad Lok Sabha seat. Kamareddy is part of the undivided Nizamabad district.

Although the Kamareddy Assembly constituency is part of the Zahirabad Lok Sabha constituency, KCR firmly believes that if he contests from the Kamareddy Assembly constituency, it will have an impact on all nine Assembly constituencies in the undivided Nizamabad district.

KCR wants his daughter Kavitha to win the Nizamabad Lok Sabha seat again in the 2024 Lok Sabha polls to teach a fitting lesson to Dharmapuri Aravind, a vocal critic of KCR, KTR, Kavitha, and Harish.

Aravind is known for using abusive language against KCR and his family members day in and day out.

KCR wants Aravind to be defeated at any cost in the 2024 Lok Sabha polls, and to achieve this task, he chose the Kamareddy Assembly seat.

KCR believes that his presence as an MLA and CM from the Kamareddy constituency will influence voters in favor of BRS in the Lok Sabha polls.

But ground reports suggest that there is severe anti-incumbency against BRS in the Kamareddy constituency.

Only time will tell whether KCR's biggest gamble in his political career for the sake of his daughter will pay off or not.


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